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Many know me as the the president and pastor of Enlighten The World Ministries. A successful ministry that feeds and clothes almost 1000 poor and homeless people every month. You can find us on the web at

For many years I dreamed of this chance where I could do exactly what I love to do, serve the Lord Jesus Christ, spend time with family, and devote time enjoying nature and people. I've always enjoyed the outdoors, hunting, fishing, photography, boating, biking, hiking, anything, to just be outdoors. I am now retired from a regular job and am able to enjoy those things I have been longing to devote my time to. I have been into photography most of my life. My parents bought me my first camera when I was about eight years old. I always seemed to have an eye for a pretty picture. Most of my life, people have told me, "You should take pictures for a living." I just never took the leap of faith to make it happen. Now, I don't need the money, I can just enjoy, making people smile. After all, isn't that what life's all about?



All proceeds will go to feeding the poor and homeless, helping victims of disaster in Sampson County, NC and helping families with utility and shelter assistance here in our community.

Sitting fee is $75 for the first hour and $30 for every hour thereafter. Additional costs for photo manipulation and video creation.

If we have to drive more than 25 miles, additional costs may occur.



Be prepared to be with me for 1 to 2 hours. Weddings are usually 3 or more hours.

Please be prepared. Help me make your picture day fun and enjoyable.  This will help me make your pictures the way you want them. Bring a few outfits with accessories. For example, Bling Bling, Heels, Hats, Guns, Camo, Cars, Trucks, Instruments, Bikes, Motorcycles,  ATV's, what ever makes you happy.  If it makes you happy it will show in the pictures.

I do have some options for places to photograph for shooters, atv'ers, etc.

We can also do studio pictures. I do pictures with a green screen so you may choose from 100's of backgrounds.

 About me

Ready to make some smiles together?

Email Us :

Phone Us:  910-495-3595


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